The all-new, fully-customizable dashboard!

We’re excited to announce another giant leap forward in what makes Magnetracks the most flexible platform on which to manage your music! With the release of a fully-customizable dashboard, YOU decide what information is most important to have handy when managing your music pitch activity, music catalog, projects, licensing and collaborators.

Quickly and easily choose from a wide collection of charts, lists, and other goodies, and build your own dashboards in moments. With this new update, every Magnetracks (non-artist) user can now:

  • Select from a catalog of pre-built charts, QuickLists, and a growing collection of interactive music industry widgets like:
    • Direct logins to your ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN member sites,
    • the Music Production Rate speedometer (very cool!)
    • Artist Rankings by Genre
    • Project Assignments by Artist
    • Social Network Activity
    • and a couple dozen more!
  • Easily drag-and-drop a component anywhere onto one of four dashboard tabs: Activity, Projects, Music, Revenue.
  • Drill in for more details on any component by clicking on it.
  • Let the Notifications bar alert you of time-sensitive things like:
    • project deadlines
    • Messages from your artists or team members
    • Soundcloud, Box and social network plays.
    • Licenses about to expire, and more…
  • Uh-oh! Did you go a little too far with your changes and now you’ve messed things up? Just reset to go back to the original layout and start again!

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