NEW! Public search and licensing with the Magnetracks SearchPortal app

Offer search and self-serve licensing to content creators, ad agencies and the public, through an easy-to-use portal site that YOU control.

With the addition of the SearchPortal app to all of our subscription levels, anybody from a solo artist to a large music publisher or label has the ability to make their music available to licensees worldwide!

Content creators and music consumers license your music in a few simple steps…

Whether you have a catalog of 10 tracks or 10,000, you can publish them to your SearchPortal app, set the license options, terms and pricing, and you’re ready to go.

How to Set up the SearchPortal App:
  1. Enable the SearchPortal app, and set up some basics like your site name, contact info, and branding options.
  2. Determine the catalogs, albums and tracks to syndicate (publish) to your site. Magnetracks also allows you to put individual tracks on hold if necessary; making them invisible to searches.
  3. Set up the license types you wish to offer (ex: Internet-only, Regional TV, Worldwide advertising uses, etc.). This includes term lengths, usage, territories, etc.
  4. Optional: Tailor the license agreement for each license type to your unique needs.
  5. Set your rates and add your credit card merchant account. PayPal is default.
  6. Invite your network, and promote your new SearchPortal site!

That’s it! Within 10 minutes, you’re a full-fledged music licensing store with a powerful admin panel that puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

The number of tracks SearchPortal allows is determined by your subscription level: Starter, Pro or Business Edition. Check out our Packages and Pricing page to find the right fit for you.

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