Powerful Visual on the Life of a Production Music Track

form_icon_20The workload required by a production music library to get even the simplest little ditty to the airwaves (that might someday appear unnoticed for 20 seconds behind the dialogue of your favourite television show), is immense. Although in recent years PML’s have grown more prominent for the key role they play by editors, music supervisors and industry insiders, they still are often under-appreciated by the music industry at large, as well as the contributing artists they serve.

So we absolutely LOVE this graphic designed by Daniel Holter for The License Lab (www.thelicenselab.com) and published by our friends at the Production Music Association (www.pmamusic.com), which finally gives an illuminating day-in-the-life perspective on the full lifecycle of sourcing and releasing a production music track to the marketplace.

The Magnetracks Music Management System is the only system designed to address many of these administrative, creative, distribution and promotional challenges in one software solution. And we are excited for the validation Daniel’s infographic provides that our system is tackling challenges faced by not only our customers, but across the industry.

Published with authorization by Daniel Holter of The License Lab.
Published with authorization by Daniel Holter of The License Lab.

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