Do you know what’s trending in music right NOW?

Daily Bite #107

Off the top of your head, what are the three hottest music trends right now? Don’t know? Don’t care? As somebody that wants to make music your career, you should.

Your indifference is actually hurting your chances of producing music that sells. Even if you think you specialize in a genre that isn’t trendy or wouldn’t appear on mainstream radio, you really need to realize that all music is influenced to some degree by who and what is happening right now. Make it part of your ongoing education to stay current, just as a designer needs to know what design elements are in vogue, so does a commercially-viable artist.

Take 15-30 minutes a day to check out the Billboard charts across many styles. If you’re looking for sync placements, check out what’s getting placed in commercials or TV series on

Can you borrow anything or fuse elements that are charting into your music? The biggest hits are often those that cross over between genres and capture TWO audiences. Think “Wake Me Up” by Avicii or “Old Town Road”. Introducing new flavors from other genres into your music that takes you out of the same stylistic or production patterns can only be a good thing.

The worst case scenario is that you draw inspiration from listening to music you normally wouldn’t give any attention, and really, what’s wrong with that?

Magnetracks offers an app called MusicTrend that tells you what genres, artists, keywords and moods are hot in the industry right now, as well as matching tracks in your catalog with opportunities worldwide. Visit for more info.

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