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  • The cloud-based software platform for YOUR music business

    Magnetracks is the most complete music management system available for independent artists, creative teams and music companies. Full stop.

    Right from demo, to distribution, to license management, Magnetracks has you covered.

Who Needs Magnetracks?

  • Artists & Songwriters

    Whether you're just starting out or are a chart-topping megastar, you've got musical assets worth organizing and protecting. You also need industry-standard tools to promote and distribute your music that make you look like you've got your act together.

  • Creative Collaborators

    Magnetracks makes it easy for creative collaborators to share tracks, provide feedback, manage tasks, and centralize contracts and metadata. You need a dashboard that centralizes everything to keep everybody in sync.

  • Producers

    Your reputation of delivering great music on-time and beyond expectations depends on whether you can stay organized and schedule effectively. Magnetracks is your answer to both.

  • Publishers & Labels

    You've got rightsholders to manage, licensing to administer, and relationships to protect, all while trying to maximize the revenue of a constantly-evolving music catalog. You need a way to report on anything and tools you can run a business on. Not the next shiny thing.

  • Music Libraries

    You have anywhere between three and three thousand composers, artists and producers that need quick and easy access to your production projects and callouts. Turnaround times are short, and you need an efficient workflow from demo submission right through to cleared, production-ready track.

  • Recording Studios

    A successful commercial studio depends on efficient scheduling, simple and efficient file and contract management capabilities, and easy client interaction features. Magnetracks scores on all fronts.

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