Three places online that musicians NEED to be.

Daily Tip #105

It seems like every week there is a new website, app, or social network that you “need” to pay attention to. Many flame out quickly, but here are two sites musicians in 2020 definitely need to pay attention to, and one you’ve probably been underestimating.

MusicBrainz ( – Once you can get past the very 1990’s website, MusicBrainz is a highly trusted resource for song information and credits. This is the IMDB or Wikipedia of the music industry, and like them, are community-contributed. Used less by the music industry than it is by tech companies, it is (or is fast becoming) the most exhaustive database of musician, writer, label and publisher information that is so hard to find anywhere else.

Musixmatch ( – displays song lyrics on your iPhone / Android home screen when listening to music on Spotify. Enormous user adoption and finally a way to give lyrics the recognition that music player apps don’t typically.

SoundCloud ( What’s so new about Soundcloud? True, it has been around forever (in internet terms), but recently is enjoying a massive resurgence in content, credibility as a community, and opportunity for musicians. After being saved from bankrupcy a few years ago, they’ve refocused on independent music with the slogan “what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud”. And if you haven’t looked lately, you’d better. Magnetracks users will love that SoundCloud is fully integrated.

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