Artists and Creatives

Manage your music. Launch a career.

More than another music licensing service, Magnetracks is the cornerstone of your career.

When it's time to get serious

All the tools serious artists, songwriters and composers need to take the next giant leap forward.

  • Manage and share music

    Upload all your mixes, alternate versions and in-progress ideas to share with your collaborators or industry partners. All your splits, lyrics and metadata will be right there when you need it as well.

  • Grow Your Network

    Keep all your contacts engaged, and easily share master files, artwork and metadata with them in a variety of formats. Conduct pitch campaigns that build your industry influence. All your activity and pitch history is neatly logged for you.

  • Never Miss a Deadline

    Get auto-notifications when important dates approach, like contract expiries, demo submission deadlines and industry events. Become famous for your reliability.

  • Protect Your Rights *

    Track your publishing deals, copyright registrations, collaborator's agreements, and all the signed contracts in one place. Import your PRO royalty statements and watch powerful charts bring trends to life!

  • Track Your Progress

    A killer, customizable dashboard experience with analytics that give you confidence you are headed in the right direction.

  • Promote Your Talents!

    Instantly push out new releases to SoundCloud, and to your fanbase through your social networks, all from a centralized control center. Manage and promote your gigs, including a full-featured booking manager.

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What Artists are Saying about Magnetracks...

  • Give your music its best chance to succeed

    Making it in today's industry requires more than just dedication, killer music and the next nifty app. You need to treat your art form like a business, by arming it with a tool that sees the whole picture - from demo to release to monetization. Magnetracks is that tool.