Features designed for music professionals. Not for playtime.

  • Your entire catalog at your fingertips

    With all your in-progress and finished tracks in the cloud, Magnetracks makes it so easy to share master files or demos, invite comments and collaborate with anybody else that has a stake in the track.

    With intuitive searching and the ability to send out playlists in a variety of delivery formats and monitor track plays, pitches just got a heck of a lot easier.

    And since we don't have a by-the-track pricing model, you'll never have to choose which tracks to manage online. Upload them all!
  • Manage Your Projects and Releases

    Complete music projects with ease. And without a single spreadsheet!

    One of the pillars of your industry relationships has to be your ability to deliver. Magnetracks gives you the tools to you need set and meet deadlines every time.

    Using the Project Scheduler you can assign tasks, review demos as they arrive, streamline the submission process, and get automated, timely reminders.

    With Magnetracks, everybody has the login access they need to make their contributions.
  • Know your clients & rightsholders better

    With CRM-style features, know and understand your business better

    Ever lose track of what songs you've pitched to what music library? Or what about wondering when that publishing deal with Killer Hits Music was signed? You can frantically search your email sent box (again), or you can see everything you need to know from that client's history in Magnetracks.

    You'll get a 360 degree view of any rightsholder, contact, artist or company; giving you the full picture of your relationship with them. Just watch your industry relationships become stronger with Magnetracks.
  • High-Impact dashboards and reports

    Make faster and better production decisions based on fact, not hunch.

    Your fully-customizable dashboard gives you instant insights into your catalog, pitches, licensing revenue, projects and all your music production activity. Now you can spot trends and answer questions you've never thought to ask before, like

    "What genres have I been pitching that aren't well represented in my catalog?"

    "Who are the top contributors to my catalog by plays, or genre, or # of licenses?"

    Make lightning-fast production decisions. License more. React and respond to creative opportunities. Magnetracks makes you a Musical Ninja.

A&R Simplified

Bring structure (and sanity) to your music submission and review process

With the ArtistPortal (included in Business Edition), all your contributing artists have a direct login to the projects they're assigned. Now they can submit demos, upload the required contracts, and receive review notes. You set the project requirements up front and do the actual reviews, and let Magnetracks keep the writers informed when the status of their submission changes; sending auto-emails and project updates. Kiss email folders and spreadsheets goodbye forever.

Request the Magnetracks Feature List

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