July 2nd: Collaboration Made Easy: Tools for artists and music companies.

Join us as we demonstrate how collaborating through Magnetracks help you release music faster and much more smoothly. By combining powerful task management tools, a discussion center, and a drag-and-drop scheduler, you and your collaborators or staff have everything you need in one place. Whether you're an indie artist or full-fledged music company, you'll get something valuable out of this session!

July 16th: Magnetracks introduces MusicTrend: A.I. for your music catalog

MusicTrend is an exciting new addition to Magnetracks. Be among the first to witness how MusicTrend uses it Artificial Intelligence engine to change how you produce, target and find new opportunities for your music.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will show you how MusicTrend's A&R Assistant saves you time and uncovers new licensing and promotional opportunities for your music, as well as guiding you to produce music that is in-demand and trending!

July 23rd: Make the most of your trial: A primer for new users

Magnetracks is the most complete platform for music management available anywhere. Getting to know it can be a bit daunting, but let us hold your hand through all the main bits you should get to know first.

In this introductory 30 minute webinar, we'll skip some of the advanced features in favor of showing you what you absolutely NEED to know to understand how Magnetracks can help your musical journey right out of the gate. We'll be moving quickly, so arrive on time and be ready to go!

July 30th: Music platforms compared: Magnetracks vs. Songspace

In this webinar, we'll take an honest look at popular music catalog management app Songspace, and see how it compares to Magnetracks. Songspace is a simple-to-use platform for artists and music companies to manage their music and collaborators. But how does it stack up when you're ready to grow your catalog and brand's reach, and get to the next level? We'll find out.

Aug 6th: Build better industry relationships: A guide for music rightsholders

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll show how music rightsholders of all types (musicians, producers, songwriters, publishers, labels) can use Magnetracks to amplify their relationship-building efforts with its simple, integrated tools. By communicating more effectively, understanding their needs and targeting your pitches better, the Magnetracks platform grows with you from "fledgling upstart" to "overnight success" in the music industry. This presentation will be short, concise and will move quickly, so come ready!

Aug 20th: The music industry in one place: Magnetracks as THE hub of your music ecosystem

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll show you how Magnetracks connects musicians, publishers, labels and creators of all types with the apps they already know and use every day - like Spotify, Box.com, SoundCloud, Facebook and MailChimp - from one central place. Join us as we tour through all the connected apps Magnetracks puts your music catalog at the center of; simplifying your promotion, distribution, scheduling and production efforts.

Aug 27th: Music platforms compared: Disco vs. Magnetracks

In this webinar, we'll we'll take an honest look at popular music sharing app, "Disco" and see how Magnetracks stacks up. Managing your music catalog and sharing playlists is undoubtedly important to creators and music companies, and Disco is a popular and capable tool. But could you be asking for more?

Sept 3rd: Build Your Own Music Platform: Customizing Magnetracks

No two music companies are the same, just as no two artists are the same. By leveraging Magnetracks' powerful customization and configuration options, we'll demonstrate how to optimize the platform to the way you work.

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll cover the ability to brand and set automated triggers, as well as getting right down to adding fields, modifying forms, and creating pre-built lists. While aimed at the advanced user, there will be plenty of takeaways for the beginner as well.