New Magnetracks features for October

As usual, we have continuous product enhancements, features and blinky lights geared to make your Magnetracks experience better and put you more in charge of your musical success! Here are just the ones you’re likely to notice:

ISRC Codes – If you make commercial music (ie: you want to be paid for it), you need an ISRC Code to be digitally stamped into it. Well great news: Magnetracks now auto-generates that code for you! Whenever a track changes to “Active/Open” status, it is automatically applied. Or, you can manually generate an ISRC for existing tracks in your catalog that don’t yet have them. You’ll need to get a free ISRC prefix from your country’s issuing agency first ( for more details).

Bulk Edit tool – this seemingly tiny enhancement saves you a tonne of time when needing to, for example, update the genre on a hundred tracks in your catalog at once! Look for the “Bulk Edit” button at the bottom of every list (could be tracks, projects, contacts, rights assignments, or any other type of record). Simply select a bunch of records (or all) and click the button. You’ll be able to select any field and set the value that you want all the records updated to.

Create Email Lists – add your contacts to custom lists that you can then use to send emails, custom playlists, master files, etc. all at once. Some ideas? How about individual lists for “Music Supervisors”, “Sub-publishers”, “Editors”, and “Composers”?

Layout improvements for smaller screen sizes – Magnetracks is now optimized for tablets (down to 800 x 600), so you can manage your releases, review demos and push out playlists from the bathtub on your iPad. Watch for an upcoming smartphone-optimized experience soon!

Skin your Playlists and Login screen – Choose from our library of background images and colour schemes to make your custom playlists and login page better match your brand. Soon: upload your own background image!


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