What’s New with Magnetracks: Fall 2019

Just a quick update on what’s new in the platform this Fall. And we have a LOT to share! If you’re an artist, composer, producer, studio owner, label, or publisher and haven’t taken a trial in the last few months, you’re going to be delighted about what we’ve done to give you the tools to push your music career forward, or take your music business to the next level.

Distribute your music to 40+ streaming platforms

Now you can send your finished tracks directly from your Magnetracks catalog to all the biggest streaming platforms in the world, like: Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc. We handle payment for your streams, and give you all the important streaming stats right on your dashboard.

Improvements to Magnetracks Mobile

If you haven’t already checked it out, Magnetracks Mobile was release in the Spring, and gives you a fully mobile-optimized experience to access your catalog, create and send playlists, interact with clients and do a bunch of other things. We’ve done a bunch of design and usability tweaks that make it even easier to work with – no matter the platform or device.

Automated Metadata Tagging and Cloning

One of the bains of existence for every music library, artist or publisher’s is managing metadata. We’ve made this process significantly easier now by:

  1. Allowing you to clone another (similar) track’s metadata and use it for a second track. This is SO helpful when creating a whole album of stylistically similar tracks that have only minor differences!
  2. Uploading a new track from MP3, WAV or WMA, and letting Magnetracks interpret all the embedded tags in the audio file and auto-popular the metadata for you. This isn’t “new” exactly for us, but we’ve made this feature much more solid and dependable across different source formats.

Sales Opportunity and Pipeline Management:

Starting in November: If you’re a music licensing organization (or even a music creator that is proactive about licensing their music), Magnetracks has a full-fledged set of sales pipeline and quoting tools! This lets you keep track of every licensing lead and opportunity, prioritize them by “sales stage” and generate quotes for prospects. You can also create quotes (having several versions depending on terms being offered), and convert them immediately to Rights Assignments. The new Sales Dashboard summarizes how you’re doing all in one place.

Haven’t checked out Magnetracks in a while? Get a free trial here and see these new features in action!

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