Production music is in its golden era, as shown by Netflix

Magnetracks attended the 2018 Production Music Conference in Los Angeles (hosted by the Production Music Association) last month, and among the industry leaders that spoke was Netflix’s Dominic Houston. Quoting his bio: “Dominic Houston heads up the Music Team at Netflix. The team is 25 strong and has global responsibility for all music related business & legal affairs matters at Netflix. This encompasses Netflix’s studio business producing Netflix Originals, managing Netflix’s relationships with collective management organisations, data & technology projects around music, & the administration of Netflix’s music rights.”.

Netflix needs and uses so much music it’s staggering.

Among many things Dominic shared with the audience at the PMC that would interest creatives and rightsholders was one statistic that stood out: Netflix currently has in varying stages of production, 200+ series in development. Wow.

Adding it up, that’s 200 series by 10-or-so episodes each (much more if it’s successful) by 30-45 minutes each episode.  That’s 60,000 – 90,000 minutes of content to fill; requiring music throughout. Yes, hired composers will fill a lot of that airtime, but undoubtedly, a huge chunk of that will be sourced from production music libraries.

Remember, while Netflix may be the most well-known and largest, there are more and more streaming services constantly coming online, and all looking for (or producing) their own content. Amazon Prime, Hulu and Crave are just a few of the major international services, but each country tends to have their own regional “streamers” with significant subscriber-bases. For example, in Canada you have Crave and Acorn. Combine this with the explosion of highly-produced YouTube channels popping up everywhere, and you have a market for music that simply DID NOT exist 7-8 years ago.

For a skilled and motivated composer/artist/producer, the opportunities to place your music in this burgeoning new media segment are really exiting. At Magnetracks, we aim to be the engine behind your success. Give us a look at, and try our free 30 day trial.





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