Music Search just made a giant leap forward in Magnetracks

Completely rebuilt search features make Magnetracks a music search powerhouse.

We’ve just released a major rearchitecture of the way you search – and more importantly – FIND anything in your Magnetracks catalog. We’re very excited about how easy, fast and intuitive searching has become with this release, and think you’ll agree.

Now you have three search dimensions at your fingertips that all combine to make anything you can describe in words, searchable. This is important, because music supervisors, editors and licensors of music rarely use nicely structured “database’y language” when they ask you for music. Here’s a slightly-modified example of a recent search one of our customers was tasked with, which they could now easily tackle:

“I want to hear all the unreleased pop/rock vocal tracks from your “Sounds of Summer” collection that feature accordion and are at least 100 BPM. Oh yeah and they can mention ‘summer’, but not ‘love’ in the lyrics.”

No problem. Check out the 60 Second Tutorial below to see how this exact search is possible. Easy, even…

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