TIP: Customize your demo submission process

Magnetracks is the only music management software that truly understands how new music makes its way into your catalog.

forms_form_1Realizing that more than just offering a file upload tool and “track information” form, a true music management system should be expected to handle the contracts, musician work-for-hire agreements, ensure master file specs are right, and metadata entry in complete and accurate. Magnetracks allows you to monitor each of these steps, and automatically lead your tracks through to an Active/Complete status – ready to share with clients.

Of course, not every production music library has the same requirements, or does things in exactly the same order. So now Magnetracks offers YOU the ability to customize the system to fit your own music submission / injestion process. Choosing from nine different submission statuses, you determine which ones apply to your library’s process, the order of the items, and the name given to each. Whatever your customized process looks like, watch as the system automatically updates the status of each track based on whether or not those requirements have been met.

For instance, your customized sequence may look like this:

  1. Demo Under Review
  2. Demo Approved
  3. Metadata Supplied
  4. Masters Supplied
  5. Schedule A Uploaded by Writer
  6. Artist Work-for-Hire provided
  7. Active/Complete

To access and customize your music submission process, visit TOOLS > OPTION LISTS, and select MUSIC SUBMISSION STATUSES. Then go to town modifying, deleting, re-ordering and renaming the steps you see. Magnetracks will automatically adjust for your very next submission from an artist, and will lead it through this newly-designed sequence.

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