Magnetracks for Music Companies

  • You need tools. Not toys.

    Music, A&R, documents, projects, CRM, distribution and rightsholders under one roof. It's about time.

    Competing in the modern music industry isn't just about producing great music. It's about ALL the hard work that surrounds it. Many software solutions and apps leave big questions unanswered:

       "There are lots of options out there for licensing our music, but what about everything that has to happen before it's ready to license?"

       "I want one central location to see my catalog, activity and projects in one system. Is that so hard?"

       "How can I smooth out my chaotic demo submission and review process?"

    Magnetracks answers all of these in one simple, cloud-based platform.
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Get Started with a 15 Day Trial

Take some time to decide which version is right for you, then get Team Edition or Business Edition for as little as $20/month.

Tired of single-use apps? Magnetracks brings it all together.

  • Contract and License Management

    Manage and maintain your licensing, publishing and distribution deals. Let Magnetracks remind you when key dates approach, and save all your supporting documents in one place.

  • Share and Distribute Your Releases

    Share tracks with contributors, publishers or catalog administrators, including metadata and even artwork. Promote your releases directly through Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Deliver by FTP, email, and other file delivery services.

  • Tasks and Scheduling

    With a beautiful drag-and-drop visual scheduler, Magnetracks gives you straightforward control over tasks assigned, production notes, etc.

  • Speed Up Your Workflow

    Magnetracks is pre-loaded with templates for projects, catalogs, task lists and emails so you can get in and get out without a bunch of mindnumbing (and soul-rotting) data entry.

  • Imports and Exports

    Easy to use import and export tools allow you to move your metadata, project info, and more in a variety of industry-standard formats.

  • Customizable for You BY You

    Edit and create new fields, forms and lists. Trigger email notifications based on the way you work. Magnetracks reflects the dynamic industry in which we work.

  • Understand your business in order to grow your business.

    By capturing all aspects of your catalog, clients, pitch activity, licensing and projects in one system, you'd think the biggest benefit would be the huge time-savings.

    But with Magnetracks, you also have the reporting tools to harness all that incredible, rich data to give you actionable insights that can drive your promotional and production decisions.

    Magnetracks' point-and-click, totally configurable dashboards let you respond to trends, identify opportunities, and shed light on things no spreadsheet could ever do.