What is MusicTrend?

Exclusively for music creators and music companies, MusicTrend is a suite of software tools for artists, bands, publishers, labels and anybody that strives to make money from their art. When applied to your music catalog, it uses A.I. technology to answer the three questions faced every day:

MusicTrend gives you answers...

  • Groundbreaking A.I. that finds opportunities for your music.

    Using its A.I. engine, MusicTrend matches songs in your catalog with postings listed on worldwide A&R sites, and delivers you a curated pitch list.

    Searching just became obsolete.

  • Get a Creative Headstart

    By identifying trending keywords, genres and reference artists based on industry requests, MusicTrend gives you an insights into coming trends - BEFORE it's public knowledge.

    MusicTrend gives you an insider's advantage.

  • What should I produce next?

    MusicTrend's Catalog Profiler learns from your catalog and makes smart production suggestions based on demand in the industry, where you have stylistic gaps, and other factors.

    MusicTrend is your virtual A&R Assistant

Be among the first to see MusicTrend in action

Register for our webinar on April 30th when we demonstrate how MusicTrend works for you and your music catalog.
Or email us at a info@musictrend.net to discuss with us directly.