Three mistakes professional producers, artists & composers ALWAYS make when promoting their music, and how to easily avoid them.

As you’ve probably experienced (or heard a million times) already, success as a producer/composer/songwriter is as much about how you interact with people and how you conduct yourself as a professional, as it is about the quality of your work. You can have a hard drive FULL of amazing tracks, but if you present yourself as somebody that doesn’t know what they’re doing, nobody will want to risk their reputation on yours, and you won’t get anywhere.

Here are two things you need to DO, and one thing you need to NEVER do to find success in music:

1. Be prepared! For each of your tracks that you’re actively pitching, do you have metadata, alternate mixes and edits, and all your co-writer or musician agreements completed? This business is all about setting yourself apart – both by the quality of your music, and by the professionalism you show. Be the person that has all their ducks in a row when opportunity strikes.

2. Make it EASY. Make it brain-dead easy for publishers, music supervisors, A&R people or what-have-you to listen and get back to you. They shouldn’t have to login or create a Dropbox account. They shouldn’t have to navigate to your Soundcloud page or your website, search for a specific track and then go back to your email or DM and give you feedback on what they heard.

3. Never pitch something that isn’t available to sign TODAY. Be 100% confident that what you’re pitching is available and ready to sign. Nothing can tarnish your reputation faster than getting interest in your track from a publisher or music library or label, only to have to go back later and tell them ‘sorry’ it’s under contract or that it’s been committed to somebody else, or that you “haven’t quite finished it yet”.

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