Magnetracks lets you stop searching and start finding!

It can be pretty aggravating when searching for that perfect track to send out to a specific music supervisor or publisher. And often the request is just as aggravating: “We need new neo-soul tracks that are chill (but not too chill), 70 bpm, with a penny whistle solo. What have you got?”

This is why we’ve put so much effort at Magnetracks into making our search feature as smart as possible. Now you can search on any fragment of a field, and instantly see ‘predictive hits’ before committing to the search. This lets you narrow your search, but not so far that you’re getting empty results and having to go back and try again…

But this doesn’t apply just to music searches, it’ll also allow you to speed up searches for any other record: albums, contacts, companies, licenses, royalties, etc.

Goodbye searching, hello finding! 🙂

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