Build your music relationships with THIS new feature…

Creating a deep and lasting connection with fans of your music is a marathon, not a sprint. By providing them with a steady stream of new tracks, tour and gig details, you have a CHANCE at seeping into their awareness, their hearts, and winning their financial support as well.

There are a bunch of ways Magnetracks let’s you get your music in front of fans. The integrations with SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter are all examples. However until now there hasn’t been a way to automatically group your contacts into lists and push out music and show dates by email in bulk.

So when you’ve got new music to reveal to the world, you may have been using MailChimp or some standalone email marketing tool to announce it. The problem with that approach is, you have lost the connection to the actual tracks or show they received and how they responded to it. Therefore, you’ve also lost those valuable metrics that help you understand what they like and what… well.. not so much.

Introducing Email Lists!

Email Lists allow you to do a couple things:

  1. Very quickly select multiple (or all) contacts, and add them to any number of lists. You may first want to make it easy by segmenting your contacts into categories like: “Fans”, “Music Supervisors”, “Publishers”, or “A&R”, then add all contacts in that segment. Or hand-select specific ones from your master list. Your call.
  2. Whenever you are putting together a promotional piece, you can grab an entire Email List to include them in that email. ie: Promoting your latest track, sharing a gig announcement, a playlist, etc.

The other side-benefit to engaging your lists through Magnetracks is that you have a complete historical record of every touch point with each of your contacts. So when you look at Joe Sixpack’s record, you’ll see all the gigs you have ever invited him to, all the playlists he was sent (and which tracks he liked, downloaded and listened to), and all the tracks he’s signed or licensed. Nice!

Give Email Lists a try. It’s included in every Magnetracks subscription level!

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