An Open Webinar invitation for musicians, publishers and producers: May 30th @ 11:00

Witness a Day in the Life of a successful music professional using only the Magnetracks platform

When we first envisioned Magnetracks six years ago, we imagined a single place that either an up-and-coming artist or growing music company at any stage of their journey could rest their entire business. Inspired by the challenges we faced as composers and producers, we held the belief that the arduous and complex work of building a sustainable business in music deserved a comprehensive – yet totally affordable – software platform. Not a bunch of single-use apps or another “music marketplace”.

While most other industries have big, established systems that give them full control over how they promote their product and build relationships, we in the music space have been totally under-served. 

However, the huge vision we had for Magnetracks was one that couldn’t be rushed.  Bringing together your entire music catalog, promotion, licensing, distribution, client and fan engagement, mobility, project scheduling, royalties, booking, popular industry tools, collaborators, dashboard reporting and much more under one roof was not a small task.

Magnetracks has finally realized that vision, and we’d like to invite you to come and watch our big reveal.

Register NOW for this special event!

Join our Webinar on  May 30th at 11:00 AM Pacific   (GMT-8)  as we take you on a 30 minute “Day In the Life” journey of a successful music professional, using only the  Magnetracks platform! 

NOTE: Those that pre-register will be given an extended free trial and preferred pricing that is currently unavailable to the music community.

Warm regards,
The Magnetracks Team
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